Sony (Smart Shot) QX10 and QX100 lens-style Camera for Smartphones…

As someone who is taking all my photos with a smart phone, I am simply impressed by the Sony promo video above. Sony will release two different lens-style camera´s for smartphones, which you can mount magnetical on your smart phone. But the camera´s will be independent and useable with all Android and iOS phones. With independent I mean that the smart phone will have the only function as a screen, to hold the camera and that you can use your phone as remote control for the QX10 and QX100 camera´s. That means you don´t even have to attach the camera … Continue reading Sony (Smart Shot) QX10 and QX100 lens-style Camera for Smartphones…

Sony Xperia Z1 Specs and Release

As a Sony Xperia Smartphone fan, I have to post this. I am owner of the Sony Xperia P but my next phone will probably be one Xperia again as I am pretty happy with the Sony phones. Especially because of the great cameras of the past Xperia phones. Well, regular readers know I take all my photos with the mentioned phone above. But… Tommorow Sony will fully unveil the new Sony Xperia Z1 but there are already a lot of informations leaked. And the informations are pretty interesting. About the Sony Xperia Z1 specs: The Xperia Z1 will have … Continue reading Sony Xperia Z1 Specs and Release

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

The image above is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable. It´s a photo of my cat Shyna and she is my companion. Looks like I took the photo in a funny moment when she did stretch herself. I used my Sony Xperia P android smart phone and an app called “Fast Burst Camera Light” to take the photo. This app can do continues shots and the name burst camera hits the nail. However, I have to admit that the app does take preview photos like it happens when you capture videos. I do believe the app is just … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

I think flowers have curves as well and this is why I want to participate with a flower photo in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves. I found this flower on the balcony of my mother and the flower was in front of a white solar protection wall, which was great because layering effects work too great then. I took the Photo with the camera of the Sony Xperia P Smartphone. I didn´t want to make rocket science with Photoshop and edited the image pretty fast with the smart phone app called pixlr-o-matic. It is an easy app and you can … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Beautiful Flower found on Grandma´s Campground

I found this beautiful pink flower on grandma´s campground. I loved the colour and the shape of the flower and had to take photos. I increased the contrast of the image a lot with Photoshop when I came home from our trip to the nature. I also made a lens correction and added a vignette effect. Now I do think the images are looking nice. Photos are taken with a Sony Xperia P Smartphone Camera. What do you think about the images? Also I would like to ask if anybody knows the name of this flower? More flower photos available … Continue reading Beautiful Flower found on Grandma´s Campground