Beautiful Flower found on Grandma´s Campground

I found this beautiful pink flower on grandma´s campground. I loved the colour and the shape of the flower and had to take photos. I increased the contrast of the image a lot with Photoshop when I came home from our trip to the nature. I also made a lens correction and added a vignette effect.

Now I do think the images are looking nice. Photos are taken with a Sony Xperia P Smartphone Camera. What do you think about the images? Also I would like to ask if anybody knows the name of this flower?

More flower photos available on my blog.

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Flower found on Grandma´s Campground

    1. Thanks for your opinion 🙂 I couldn´t decide which one I should upload and thought I upload them both 🙂 Grandma has a lot of flowers but this one is really my favorite.

      1. You did the right job in uploading them both. You can easily compare and make a contrast when you see both photos beside each other.

        Hoping to see more of your Grand Ma’s flowers, have a nice day! 🙂

        1. I think I took some others as well but they are not as great like the photos above. The wind and sun was a real problem later. 😀 But I didn´t check them out all yet. Have a huge folder with photos from the nature trip. Let´s see. Have a nice day too please 🙂

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