Beautiful Yellow Pansy Flower

This is a beautiful yellow Pansy flower. But I didn´t shoot this photo this year. I found the photo on my hard drive and I took the image last year. The original image didn´t look that great. The image was pale but I adjusted the RGB levels in Photoshop or in other words, I added contrast to the image. I think it looks fine now. What do you think? Continue reading Beautiful Yellow Pansy Flower

A sunflower in a garden…

Saw the sunflower above on my way through Lübeck a week ago or so. Since I take photos with my smart phone and since I blog, I can´t really pass by if I see a flower. In my opinion, flowers are really amazing. Even as an amateur photographer like me, you can create great photos. All you need is a good smart phone and some flowers, really. The images will look great, not due to the quality but due to the prettiness of flowers. They do look always great and you can´t do anything wrong. I think it´s art of … Continue reading A sunflower in a garden…

Beautiful Flower found on Grandma´s Campground

I found this beautiful pink flower on grandma´s campground. I loved the colour and the shape of the flower and had to take photos. I increased the contrast of the image a lot with Photoshop when I came home from our trip to the nature. I also made a lens correction and added a vignette effect. Now I do think the images are looking nice. Photos are taken with a Sony Xperia P Smartphone Camera. What do you think about the images? Also I would like to ask if anybody knows the name of this flower? More flower photos available … Continue reading Beautiful Flower found on Grandma´s Campground

A Photo of the Trave River near the historic City of Lübeck

This is another Photo of the Trave River near the historic City of Lübeck. I made this Photo when I was shopping for Computer Components in the City. I just thought it is a nice View there and took a Photo for you and my Blog. I just added a little bit of contrast and reduced the Saturation. I thought it would give the Photo a Retro Style and deeper Look. Continue reading A Photo of the Trave River near the historic City of Lübeck