Bumblebee seeking Dust on a Flower

I had to visit to the authorities yesterday and I found this bumblebee on my way, seeking for dust on a flower. I noticed many of them but decided to go closer to take close-up shot of one of them.

When I saw the images on my smart phone display, I thought the photos would be great. But arrived at home, I thought that the photo quality is not so good. But I decided to upload them anyway, because I like to have photos of insects and animals in general on my blog. But also photos of flowers.

I think the images above are not so great like the one photo of a flower and bumblebee, I took in the past. But as said… the three images above are not too bad in my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Bumblebee seeking Dust on a Flower

    1. Yes, not easy to see on a small screen if the photos are really ok, due to the shrinked resolution on the small screen. I often do take more than one photo of the scene to hope there is at least one good photo when I upload them to the computer.

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