Sea Spray

Here is a photo that I shot somewhere at the Baltic Coast in Germany. I saw these big stones that got washed by the sea spray. I like the sound of the waves, but I also like how you can smell wet stone, water and salt in the air when I am at the sea. In this moment I thought that I could try to capture how the stones get washed. Water is very beautiful, especially when it’s in motion, because you can see bubbles and it looks crystal clear or like glass when the moment is captured with a … Continue reading Sea Spray

Water Pump In Our Garden

One of the great things about the D7100 is that I can now literally can freeze water on a photo. That was often difficult with my point and shoot, but with the DSLR you really can get crystal clear photos of running water. I do also like that I can crop the image and there are not much details lost if I do so. Here I will show you the original and the cropped photo of the water pump in our garden and the water jet, you need to click on the images to enlarge them. Continue reading Water Pump In Our Garden