Water Pump In Our Garden

One of the great things about the D7100 is that I can now literally can freeze water on a photo. That was often difficult with my point and shoot, but with the DSLR you really can get crystal clear photos of running water.

I do also like that I can crop the image and there are not much details lost if I do so. Here I will show you the original and the cropped photo of the water pump in our garden and the water jet, you need to click on the images to enlarge them.

4 thoughts on “Water Pump In Our Garden

    1. Yes, I was afraid that it could be the wrong investment as I saved a long time. But after using it for two days now I don’t regret it. I think it was worth to be patient with saving money each month.

      However, I see the images are quite big, I do have to resize them of course to not blow up my WordPress webspace, and I think I will need a new hard drive to be able to save all high-res images on my computer. I can still do this, but I am not sure for how long, yesterday I had 5 gigabyte on the SD card because of one day shooting with the camera.
      So, a bigger hard drive will be the next investment, but fortunately they do just cost a tiny fraction of the camera lol, but this will now be a must have.

      I saw you take quite a lot of photos too, I am sure you would have fun with a DSLR as well, this might be something to save for, even if it hurts to put so much on the table, but as said, this feeling is now away in my case and I don’t regret it. 😀

      1. I have thousands of photos on the computer… the RAW files take up the most space, of course. I have to try not to save all of them 🙂 One day a DSLR perhaps, for now my little Panasonic is more than good enough for my needs. 🙂

      2. So true, I even still have thousands of photos that I took with my mobile device and point and shot. At some point you go crazy, I agree. But I couldn’t take RAW files earlier, now I can, that means space will even get worse once I try RAW.

        These modern system cameras likes yours, they are alreadyimpressive today. I saw several reviews and some of them made me tempted too before I decided for a DSLR. I mean, look… you can take photos in RAW format, this alone is already super cool 🙂

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