The Hiking Dream

Today I hiked with a friend together along one of our local rivers. I didn’t have my camera with me this time, and that was really bad because we spotted some grey herons on our way on the other side of the river, and it would have been close enough for my 300mm lens, but that just on a sidenote. I want to talk about something else in this post, we talked about the nature in and around our city and that we certainly have some cool places here in Lübeck, but we both dreamed a bit and asked ourselves … Continue reading The Hiking Dream

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

My last participation in the Weekly Photo Challenge is some time ago. The reason is that they don´t send out new emails anymore when there is a new challenge. It´s really some time ago when I contacted them about this issue and they said that it is a small hiccup of their servers. This is months ago. Yes, I could still find their challenges in the WordPress reader but if you follow a lot of blogs, you´ll miss some posts. Anyway, I saw another person posting an entry today and thought “Right, I should do that again too!”. The motto … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy