The Hiking Dream


Today I hiked with a friend together along one of our local rivers. I didn’t have my camera with me this time, and that was really bad because we spotted some grey herons on our way on the other side of the river, and it would have been close enough for my 300mm lens, but that just on a sidenote. I want to talk about something else in this post, we talked about the nature in and around our city and that we certainly have some cool places here in Lübeck, but we both dreamed a bit and asked ourselves how cool it would be to hike completely through Germany from the north to the south. This is one of those thoughts that follows me already since a long time, it was always one of my dreams, but I am aware that it’s very difficult to accomplish, not because of the distance, but because you need money, time and zero commitments.

When you ask people what they would do if they won way too much money for some reason, you would usually listen to them talking about their materialist wish list. Of course, I definitely have a wish list too, but there are other things that I would like to do, and that I could do with a bucket full of money. A long-distance hike for a long period of time would be one of those things, it would be a real adventure. The money would just be needed for rations and shelter, and then there would only be the pure willpower to walk this long-distance. Sometimes it’s just cool to talk about things that are not possible, and if that is daydreaming, then I do really enjoy daydreaming. Afterwards we talked about more realistic plans, and about things that happened recently, but it’s just cool if you can ponder about less serious things with your friends as well.

3 thoughts on “The Hiking Dream

  1. That is true Dennis, it’s good to dream and to share those dreams with like minded friends. I had a similar incident to you recently. I had gone out without my camera because it was a day for shopping. On the way back to where I get my bus at the end of the day I walked through a park and saw a kookaburra sitting quite still on a post. So close I would not even have needed the long lens. Very annoying not to have a camera with me. My phone is not a smart phone although it does have a camera but I did not think to use it.

    1. I didn’t know about the Kookaburra and typed it into the Google Image Search, and I think this bird is very beautiful. 🙂 I took already a few photos of grey herons, but they are one of the harder birds to photograph as they are usually avoid hiking trails and if you see them they are around hundred meters away or so. Today, although it was on the other side of the river, it would have been perfect for 300mm as this part of the river was rather narrow… too far away for smartphone camera, but close enough for a medium tele lens. My friend shot a photo with his phone camera anyway, and I said “Don’t even try” and we laughed… 😀 He zoomed in after the shot and it was only a bunch of pixels 🙂

      I think there is a rule that I experienced so often… you can get the best shot when you forgot your camera at home (laugh). Today I didn’t forget my camera, I just didn’t expect that I would need one. We just met each other in the city and I didn’t expect that we would get the idea to drive out of the city to hike in the nature.

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