Moth Hunter In Action

I am not really a great fan of moths, and if you sit in front of the computer screen or any other light source in the evening with opened windows, you will probably agree with me. On the other side, it’s not really a problem if you have a cat that you can call. My cat is a moth hunter, and it’s always a pleasure to see her doing the job, because it keeps her busy, and it kills a moth. Well, unless the moth is a bit too smart and knows how to keep a distance and to stay out of reach…


9 thoughts on “Moth Hunter In Action

  1. Here’s a little video of one of my little moth hunters in action.

    I hate the dang things, too! My two kitties also are great on crickets, flies, ants, gnats, spiders, and anything else that dares to crawl or fly in from outside.

    How did I ever live without cats???

    1. Good job, kill’em all cat 🙂 Yes, my cat is hunting anything that moves too, but she prefers fast insects like flies or moths, she is usually bored by spiders but kills them anyway (laugh).

    1. Yes, but it took quite some time since she couldn’t get it at the wall. She had to run from one corner of the room to the other, but always this thing was flying too high. But she was patient and waited until the thing flew to the scratching post, that’s where she finally caught it in the air from the top of the post, that was purrfect how she did that (laugh).

  2. Our cat Spanky was a mighty huntress. She hunted and killed anything that might fly in. Normally, all she did was sleep … but enter one winged anything, and she was faster than lightning in the summer. Cats are amazing.

    1. Hehe, yes, they are very good hunters and it is amazing how they can even catch annoying flies in the air. I like insects from a photography standpoint and have no problem with them in the nature, but if they enter my realm at home that opinion changes out of the sudden, and I will have no problem with it if my cat hunts them down 😀 I think especially a home cat benefits from a flying intruder, it activates the hunting instinct and play instinct, and the cat will be kept busy.

  3. Your pictures brought back some memories of my cat, who died two years ago this month. He was an experienced moth-hunter and loved it when I used to help him. I used to lift him up so he could reach them. It was funny when a moth started circling a light and we both got dazzled by the bulb while he tried swiping at the moth with this front legs.

    1. That’s sad that your cat died. But what is funny is that I often do the same and lift my cat up too, so that she can get the moth. Sometimes teamwork is needed, and yes my cat likes it too if I help her 🙂 We killed quite some moths on this way too 🙂 It’s especially funny when she managed it to hold the moth with her two front legs, it’s always as if she would think “Yo, got it, now let me down so that I can eat it!” 😀

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