Two Person and two differend Ways to put Mustard on the Sausage

The husband of my mother and me were hungry when we visited Travemünde. But my Mom was not hungry. So her husband and me decided to buy a typical german sausage bun with mustard. But we had to put the mustard on the sausage bun and after we done that, we noticed a difference… This is the sausage bun of him… And this is my bun… We really had to laugh a lot. There was this discussion if the differend ways we put mustard on our sausage does say anything about us,… especially about me? What do you mean? Continue reading Two Person and two differend Ways to put Mustard on the Sausage

Daily Prompt: Polite Company

The Daily Post asks: “It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know. Agree or disagree?”. And I do agree. I am politics interested but don’t care much about any religion. I accept that people believe in what they believe. So let me first say, you wouldn´t see me talking much about religion with anybody anyway. I let people believe what they believe while I don’t stop inform myself about the latest news of natural sciences. That´s what I do believe in. I think a conversation would be pointless here because both beliefs … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Polite Company

Blogging Rules are meant to be broken.

I noticed I have broken nearly every blogging rule I ever did read about. Yes. I´ve seen blogs which wrote about these Blogging Rules. Stuff like… – Good bloggers post every day… I broke this rule. Why? I only want to write if I feel to do so. Only if I mean I come up with an interesting topic. – Good bloggers keep posts short… I often broke this rule. Why? I am not exactly sure. I write so much I have to tell. – Good bloggers set their own goals and have a schedule… Really? Then I probably broke … Continue reading Blogging Rules are meant to be broken.