Husky Portrait

Huskies are very beautiful dogs and I always liked them. When I was a bit younger, I would have liked to get a husky but I didn’t do so as my first apartment was too little and because I got a very beautiful cat. One of my neighbor has a very beautiful husky and sometimes if I see here outside, I talk with her and try to take some dog portraits. I am still not happy with all my pet portraits, but yesterday I could get a nice shot of her husky. I like the result, and I am going … Continue reading Husky Portrait

Emmi Portrait

Here is a photo of my uncles dog, she is called Emmi. I am not completely happy with the photo, but it’s also not a photo I would delete. I like the close-up shot, but I am unhappy that I did not frame it well, I’d prefer it if I would have shot it so that you can see a little bit more of the neck. The background is a bit distracting in one area, especially the bright area beside her right ear. But photography is about practicing and improving, and I take a look at the issues to take … Continue reading Emmi Portrait

Black And White Dog Photo

I still have so many dog photos that I never uploaded, but I need to work on this too. In this post I have a black and white photos of a black dog, I have chosen to change the image to black and white as the image was extremely overexposed, and in this case black and white is often the last chance to make it look good. In fact, it’s often very surprising how you can fix overexposed images when you convert them to black and white. Apart from that, black and white looks good anyway. Continue reading Black And White Dog Photo

Cute White Dog

Here is one dog photo that I shot in a forest in Reinfeld. I had a small talk with the dog owner, we talked about the forest and the area, and at the end I asked him if I could take a picture of his dog. While it’s allowed to photograph pets of strangers, it’s sometimes better to ask anyway. Some people start a drama if you take pictures of their dogs, it doesn’t make sense, but that’s how it is in Germany. The owner of this cute white dog however was very friendly and happy that I wanted to … Continue reading Cute White Dog