Beautiful Black Dog


My uncle’s dog Emmi is very beautiful, and she is also very photogenic. Today she enjoyed the weather with us all in the garden, and she could play with Charlie. They both did use the lawn to play, but they also jumped through the plant bed and that was not so good. My mother and her husband planted carrots, potatoes, beans and so much more. The husband of my mother was not so amazed when the dogs jumped through the crops.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Black Dog

  1. I imagine that your step father was not so pleased either and the dogs were in trouble. I have to keep telling Cindy off for jumping around on the border with the baby trees. I try not to throw the ball that way but she just runs everywhere. Lovely photo of Emmi, How old is she?

    1. Yes they yelled at the dogs a few times, but after some time the dogs understood that they can’t run through the crops. I know that Cindy has a lot of space in your garden too, and I see how you are worried about the baby trees. The good thing is that dogs listen to you and learn fast what is allowed and what not 🙂 Emmi should be 5 or 6 years old, around that time she was a puppy and I saw her the first time.

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