Annoying Changes Here At WordPress (rant)

I really start to get annoyed by the constant changes here at They surely should get rid of these disruptive kids of developers who mean to change things that looked and worked well for years. It’s not that I only see this behaviour here, I notice it everywhere on other social media platforms on other big websites and in computer games. I really like dislike these hipster developers. Never touch a running system, is that an aged quote? I believe so. How can someone spend energy on things that work well? Beep beep boop was probably just the first … Continue reading Annoying Changes Here At WordPress (rant)

Beep Beep Boop?

This post here is only relevant for the people who have their websites hosted on As most of us noticed, Automattic the company behind the mentioned hosting service, decided to change something that worked for most of us. The perfect old editor. Above you can see a screenshot of the new one. What we got now is a loading screen with a totally childish and nerdy “Beep beep boop” message that we can see several seconds each time we want to create a new post, as it takes quite a lot of time to load the new editor. What … Continue reading Beep Beep Boop?

I bought Armed Assault II on Steam

Some Time ago I borrowed Armed Assault II from a friend and it was in thetime when the game has been released. I really had a lot of fun with this kind of military simulator. There are a lot of weapons and vehicles in the game and you can use them all. The game is fun but the best thing on the game is that it is completely modable and there is also a really great editor in the game. You can create your own missions, scripts and so on. I am addicted to creative stuff. I did spend hours … Continue reading I bought Armed Assault II on Steam