Euro 2016: Germany vs. Slovakia 3:0

Another chance to upload a photo of a German flag, I watched soccer today and Germany won against Slovakia with a 3:0. Germany played very well, apart from the three goals I was again amazed about the passing accuracy. Germany played pretty aggressive and modern soccer, it’s really fun to watch them play. Slovakia was rather disappointing, I was a bit more afraid before the match that we could be kicked out, but they had absolutely no chance, Germany dominated the match. Now that we will play in the quarter-final, the difficulty will increase for Germany but I am still … Continue reading Euro 2016: Germany vs. Slovakia 3:0

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

The WordPress photo challenge from last friday came with the motto Circle, and I thought the flag of the European Union would fit to the challenge theme. The reason is obvious, the symbol of the flag is a circle of stars. The photo maybe fits a little bit too perfectly to the theme, and my entry appears less creative in my opinion, but I think I could use the image for other topics in the future and it’s great to have photos of flags uploaded to my blog. I like the idea of an association of states that warrants or … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle