Flag of Hamburg

A while ago I started photographing flags because I often see some on my ways. So, I created a tag for flag photos and I do now collect them on my blog too. At the top, you can see the flag with the coat of arms of Hamburg. The colors of Hamburg are white and red. The Hamburg coat of arms always shows a castle with three towers. The tower in the middle has a cross on top and it’s believed that it stems from the fact that Hamburg was an archbishopric. You can learn more about it on Wikipedia. Continue reading Flag of Hamburg

Flag of Sweden

As mentioned previously, I also take photos of flags sometimes. I didn’t upload much of them yet. Here is this post is the flag of Sweden and I shot the photo near the harbor in our city. I realized it’s very easy to find different flags in the harbor area or in the garden areas (many garden owners raise their flags, maybe because they came from these places or have roots there). I am not exactly hunting for flag photos but I sometimes see them anyway and that is when I usually take a picture. It’s great if I have … Continue reading Flag of Sweden

Danish Flag

Here is a photo for my flag category. I like flags and want to collect photos of flags on my blog in the future too. I already shot tons of photos but they have no high upload priority. But sometimes I will upload one. Today it will be the flag of Denmark. I think the Danish flag has actually a darker red but the flag in the photo above might be a bit faded. I don’t have much flags on my blog yet, but that might change in a couple of years too (laugh). Here are the photos of flags … Continue reading Danish Flag

Schleswig-Holstein Flag

Not much to say about the photo apart from the fact that it’s a Schleswig-Holstein flag. Schleswig-Holstein is a German state, and the place where I live. Sometimes I like to take photos of flags, it’s a bit like collecting these sorts of photos, but also because the flag photos could be useful if I want to write articles about certain places or news. I didn’t upload a lot of flag photos yet, but there are some. Continue reading Schleswig-Holstein Flag

Euro 2016: Germany vs. Italy 6:5 On Penalties

I watched the Euro 2016 match Germany vs. Italy today. It was a bit suspense packed because Italy is a much stronger opponent for Germany. In the first half Germany got ball possession most of the time but there were not a lot of dangerous moment from both teams. The second half became a little bit more interesting, it was a back and forth for a while but then in minute 65 Mario Gomez passed the ball from the left to Mesut Özil, he stand 6 meters away from the goalkeeper and shoot the goal for Germany. Minute 77, Jérôme … Continue reading Euro 2016: Germany vs. Italy 6:5 On Penalties