Euro 2016: Germany vs. Italy 6:5 On Penalties

Germany Flag

I watched the Euro 2016 match Germany vs. Italy today. It was a bit suspense packed because Italy is a much stronger opponent for Germany. In the first half Germany got ball possession most of the time but there were not a lot of dangerous moment from both teams. The second half became a little bit more interesting, it was a back and forth for a while but then in minute 65 Mario Gomez passed the ball from the left to Mesut Özil, he stand 6 meters away from the goalkeeper and shoot the goal for Germany. Minute 77, Jérôme Boateng’s stretched hand got hit by the ball, handball and penalty kick and Bonucci shoots the goal for Italy. At the end Italy became stronger, but the second half did end with 1:1.

Extra time, another 30 minutes to play, not only intense for the players but also for the viewer, but what I didn’t expect was that it would even get more intense soon. Extra time was a back and forth of both teams, you see how they started to be exhausted, but the extra time did end with any new goal. Penalty shoot-out, it seemed to be the only way to end this game. Horrific for both, the players and the viewer…. pure suspense, but the game did end and Germany won the 6:5 on penalties. Check out the match info on the Euro 2016 site.

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