Recently, I didn’t find a lot of time to update my blog. But today I have at least a little bit of time and I thought I share a picture with you. I found this photo of a rabbit in my library and I shot it a while ago in our district. I mentioned it a few times on my blog, we have quite a few rabbits here. Not as much as back then but we still have some. They do either run through the shrubs or like ín the picture, they’re often on the lawns. Continue reading Rabbit

Happy Easter

It’s easy to find rabbits in our districts. When I was a child, we had hundreds of them roaming around on the lawns in front of our apartment blocks. Over the decades, they became less due to a disease but then again, it’s still possible to find them. I found the rabbit a few days ago and thought it would be a perfect fit for an Easter theme post. So, Happy Easter to you guys! Continue reading Happy Easter

European Rabbit

Here is a photo of a European rabbit also called common rabbit as I found out on the English Wiki page. We always had lots of them on the lawns in our district. When I was younger, it was always funny when I invited school friends from other districts who then were amazed to see so many rabbits in my district. I always thought it would be normal, but then I learned not every district had so many of them. Just over the last years the population declined heavily in our district, at first I didn’t notice it, but then … Continue reading European Rabbit