European Rabbit


Here is a photo of a European rabbit also called common rabbit as I found out on the English Wiki page. We always had lots of them on the lawns in our district. When I was younger, it was always funny when I invited school friends from other districts who then were amazed to see so many rabbits in my district. I always thought it would be normal, but then I learned not every district had so many of them.

Just over the last years the population declined heavily in our district, at first I didn’t notice it, but then people started to talk about it. I still see one sometimes, but now it happens often that I just find dead ones. That’s when people started to talk about it, and after researching why we have so many dying rabbits now, I found out that diseases called Myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease are the cause.

One day my mother told me that she found hills of dead rabbits in the park, and we both speculated if local hunters poisoned or shot them. But the diseases could have been the cause too. Maybe someone from the authorities stacked them to pick them up later on, because a day later they were not in the park anymore. It’s a bit sad that there are diseases, because the cuties belonged to the district image. Anyway, there are still some visible, just not as much as years ago. Maybe there have been too much, and you know, nature sometimes solves things on its own.

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