Old Film Photo: Corry

What you see at the top is an old analog photo I shot when I was very young. This was our family dog Corry and I loved her so much. She brought me a lot of joy when I was young. When I was sad, she noticed it and cheered me up. When I was happy, she noticed it and asked me to play with her. I liked to go for a walk with her, spend a lot of time playing with her outside. She was also the reason I met a girl. That Polish girl was beautiful and in … Continue reading Old Film Photo: Corry

Old Film Photo: A Police Car In Berlin

I wanted to test the Google Photo Scan android app but it seems that both, my tablet and smartphone are not supported. I then tried an alternative app called Photomyne and it’s not too bad but not outstanding. Of course I shot film too back in the days, for example in the at the end of the 80`s or in the 90`s but also around millennium. So, I have a rather large stack of analog photos, or film photos in my cabinet. Mostly of family and friends, or places we’ve been together. But it seems I experimented back then too, … Continue reading Old Film Photo: A Police Car In Berlin

Prometheus and Alien

I saw the Movie Prometheus and I liked the Movie. I do like Science Fiction Movies if they are dark and if it´s not to much kitsch, while I know this is a subjective Feeling. However… I enjoyed the Alien Movies and all the Sequels pretty much and looks like the new Movie Prometheus is not a Sequel but rather a Prequel of Alien. But I had to watch the Movie anyway. So for those who liked the Alien Trilogy, I just can suggest to watch Prometheus. I thought the Movie has an open End, so that I bet Promethes … Continue reading Prometheus and Alien

This funny and cute Cat climbs the Scratcher and hits the Cam with her dangerous Paws!

I believe it is again time to share one of my Videos. I did film my Cat and she decided to play the bragger and did show of some acrobatic moves on the Scratcher and my Camera got three punches directly on the lens. What a swank. Dont be afraid to watch this Movie. She´s just playing! 🙂 Continue reading This funny and cute Cat climbs the Scratcher and hits the Cam with her dangerous Paws!