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Prometheus and Alien

I saw the Movie Prometheus and I liked the Movie. I do like Science Fiction Movies if they are dark and if it´s not to much kitsch, while I know this is a subjective Feeling. However… I enjoyed the Alien Movies and all the Sequels pretty much and looks like the new Movie Prometheus is not a Sequel but rather a Prequel of Alien. But I had to watch the Movie anyway.

So for those who liked the Alien Trilogy, I just can suggest to watch Prometheus. I thought the Movie has an open End, so that I bet Promethes will be a Trilogy as well someday. I think it´s ok if I write that but I really dont want to reveal much more here, especially not about the Prometheus Story, so better look for yourself. Or did you watch Prometheus already? If so, what did you think about the Movie?

Here is the Trailer of Prometheus:

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