My Cats Head is always full of silly Ideas. :)

I have one Bag which I really dislike when it comes to my Opinion related to Fashion. However it is still a handy Bag and some Time ago I decided to use this Bag always as a Shopping Bag, if I have not to much on my Buying List.

Some Days ago I came Home from shopping and did empty out my Shopping Bag and did store my new Food in the Kitchen. The “empty” Bag was still in the Living Room and I wanted to put the Bag away in a speedy Maner now but I noticed that the Bag is still weighty and was suprised. A closer look did tell me that now my Cat was in the Bag. I really had to laugh because her Head is always full of silly Ideas.

I think I told you already in my Cats Category on the Blog here that my she really love to play Hide and Seek. Or she just loves to find differend Spots where she can go in or under like Packages, Bags, Clothes, Rugs and so on. She´s to funny sometimes 🙂

By the way.. the Photos are not really in good Quality. They are just Snapshots and I thought they are funny.

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