More Garden Flowers

I noticed I shoot more photos than I ever upload. That was already the case when I still used my point and shoot or smartphone camera, but it’s even more the case with the DSLR as I pretty much enjoy to be outside with the camera. The photo above is taken in the garden again, as always I am not sure what kind of flowers they are, but I liked the scene and took a photo. I like both, the flowers in the background and the ones in the foreground. I think the flowers in the foreground are rather wildflowers. … Continue reading More Garden Flowers

Vivid Flowers

The recent Weekly Photo Challenge theme is “Vivid”. We have a small flowerbed near the pond in our garden, the flowers are very tiny and I think they really look vivid. The flower bed is not very big but depending on the angle you take photos, it looks like an ocean of flowers, that’s at least what I tried to achieve. I shot two photos and couldn’t decide which one is better, I decided to upload them both to this post. However, I wish I would have had another lens for the shots. Continue reading Vivid Flowers

Yellow Flowers

I didn’t post any flower photos for a long time. There are several reasons, it took some time this year until I saw the first ones but then I got my first DSLR. The kit lens is a problem when it comes to flower photography, I don’t want to say that you can not take pictures of flowers with it, but I like to get extremely close to the flower and that is not really possible. The photo above is shot with my kit lens and I wouldn’t be able to get much closer, it would be impossible to focus. … Continue reading Yellow Flowers

Beautiful Daisy

As I mentioned in my recent post, it’s in quite a lot of cases impossible to get close-up shots of flowers with the Nikon 18-105mm kit lens, but that depends of course of the flower size. Walking near the Trave River, I found a daisy that was big enough so that I could focus well and got the shot you can see here in my post. This daisy was bigger than usual daisies, I was able to get this flower in focus, I can just forget to take photos of even smaller flowers. But for now this isn’t really a … Continue reading Beautiful Daisy