Footbridge in Bad Oldesloe

Here is a photo I took in Bad Oldesloe. While the colors of the original looked great, I didn’t like the heavy lens flare. I went through a couple of black and white settings until I found a vintage one that did hide most of the lens flare very well. On top of that, it transformed the photo in a very positive way. The reason why I shot the photo was that I liked the arch of the bridge from my point of view. Together with the housing in the background and the stairs, it just made me want to … Continue reading Footbridge in Bad Oldesloe

The Bridge

I can’t tell you how often I walked over the footbridge in the image above. It must have been hundreds of times. Around the time when me and my friends were 20 years old, we did party hard. Every weekend and I don’t think we skipped one. We usually started at someones home, getting a couple of drinks but later we always went into a club. It was important to get to a decent level of drunkenness before we went into the club, because from that point on drinks would cost a lot more. So, it started at someones home, … Continue reading The Bridge