Yet Another Garden Gnome

Found this guy in the garden of my mother and her husband. There are still some remains of the former garden owners. Although, it´s not unusual to find garden gnomes in a German garden, it would rather be a wonder if you wouldn´t find one in a Garden here. I posted already a photo of garden gnomes some time ago. My mother does have some garden gnomes on her balcony. Well, as said, they are everywhere in Germany. It´s a typical German phenomenon I believe, or let me say that I am at least not sure if they are so … Continue reading Yet Another Garden Gnome

Do you know Gartenzwerge? :)

Gartenzwerge means Garden Gnomes. They are pretty common here in Germany. Lots of People have Gartenzwerge in their Garden or on their Balcony and so. The Reason? Well.. it´s easy… they do take care if you are not there. They are scaring for Trespassers and Thieves! Ok you notice I am kidding now 🙂 Joke aside… But honestly I think they are rather funny then scaring. I am not sure why so much People place them in their Garden or on their Balcony. They are just common and popular here. But hey.. yea they look funny and I think that … Continue reading Do you know Gartenzwerge? 🙂