Yet Another Garden Gnome


Found this guy in the garden of my mother and her husband. There are still some remains of the former garden owners. Although, it´s not unusual to find garden gnomes in a German garden, it would rather be a wonder if you wouldn´t find one in a Garden here. I posted already a photo of garden gnomes some time ago. My mother does have some garden gnomes on her balcony. Well, as said, they are everywhere in Germany. It´s a typical German phenomenon I believe, or let me say that I am at least not sure if they are so popular elsewhere. Are they?


5 thoughts on “Yet Another Garden Gnome

  1. Hi Dennis, I live in Goa, India and many of the European expats here have garden gnomes, though majority of them are British. I really like them so I got a friend to get me one, from Switzerland.

  2. Well we have garden gnomes in Australia although I think that the younger generation probably thinks they are a bit old fashioned. I’d thought of them as coming from England so it is interesting to know they appear in German gardens too but of course a lot of those old fairy tales about gnomes and so on are German aren’t they? The garden gnomes always make me think of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. A little reading tells me that the tale was knows from central Asia to Ireland and of course the Disney film is very well known everywhere.

    1. Very interesting. That means they are far more common world wide than I thought. You are right, also here in Germany the younger generations do think that garden gnomes are old fashioned. I am one of them but I still like them anyway, while I maybe wouldn´t place one if I had my own garden.

      I really was curious now where they came from. There is a wiki article about gnomes or dwarf statuaries. But the subject seems quite complex. Looks like there was a lot of influence from several countries and their artists over several centuries. The origin is still hotly contested so that the article is not too clear :

      The origin seems to be at least in Europe and looks like they have a long history behind them from Renaissance over the 18th and 19th Century until today. Interesting how this kind of art spread over the world. Truly fascinating how ideas, producs spread over the centuries. Didn´t know that there is such a big story behind this kind of figures. But you bring up a good point, the fairies about gnomes seems to be quite old and from all kind of places, so that I shouldn´t wonder that this brought up some kind of concrete art. 🙂

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