Outdoor Cat

Above is another photo that I shot to extend the cat category on my blog. As I mentioned previously, I challenged myself to find cats outside and photograph them. I do already have quite a few cat photos on my blog but the majority of them are photos of my own cat. But I like all cats and thought I go outside to find some and photograph them. The cat in the photo above is the same cat I showed you already in this post. Continue reading Outdoor Cat

Another Day, Another Cat

I walked through the garden areas again today, with the same intention as the previous days. I wanted to find more cats and I wanted to photograph them. I found the cat in the picture above and it let me get pretty close. So, I could get a close-up photo but I am somewhat sad about the distracting plant stem near the left eye. But you can’t always get your photos right or as you want them. But I got a few other photos of this cat. The cat jumped through a hedge, into one of the garden plots. Now … Continue reading Another Day, Another Cat