Upset With A Package Deliverer

Usually, when I show a photo of my cat in a cardboard box, I am probably happy about a delivery I got or a purchase I made. This time it’s different, I just needed a fitting image with a delivery box, and when I saw the photo at the top in my library with my grumpy-looking cat Shyna, I thought “Yeah, this photo is appropriate because I probably look equally grumpy right now”. Last year I’ve had several issues with my package deliverer. I won’t mention all the cases now but one example so that you can get an idea. … Continue reading Upset With A Package Deliverer

Bored Kitty

Here is a photo of my cat Shyna again. She is quite bored this weeks since I can not play a lot with her due to my strain. But I tried to follow her and shot a photo in the floor, you really see her boredom. The boredom makes her unhappy, and at the moment she is grumpy and up for nonsense. I was bored too and loaded the image up in Lightroom and tried the free Nik Filter Collection. I used one of the Analog Efex Pro 2 filters from the filter collection and I like how it turned … Continue reading Bored Kitty