Headache From Learning, Trying To Understand C#

I am right now in the mood to write one of these diary entries. If you see the screenshot on top of my words, this is a small and very basic program written in the programming language C#, and all it does is showing the text message “Hello World” in the windows console. It’s one of the simplest things you can do with a programming language, and that’s how programming courses often start. You need to start somewhere, and often they use this small example to explain the basic structure of a program, until you get into more advances stuff. … Continue reading Headache From Learning, Trying To Understand C#

About My English Mistakes

At times, it happens that someone comments on one of my posts to correct my English, and I am happy about that. However, that doesn’t happen very often, which makes me either think that people are too shy to correct someone, or that I don’t make too many mistakes anymore, I don’t believe in the least. With that said, if you see me making a certain mistake again and again in English, I would be glad if you tell me about it. I don’t ask you to proofread the whole freshly published articles, I just want to say that if … Continue reading About My English Mistakes

Daily Prompt: Learning Style

The Daily Prompt asks about the learning style. This is an interesting topic anyhow. Different people have different and favorite learning methods. I was always one of those people who can easily learn on a visual way. Theory is something that was always difficult to me. I can remember to many situations when I was younger, where a teacher couldnĀ“t stop talking about a subject while I just thought “Hey mate, it would be great if we actually could see it in practice, to understand what you are talking about”. So visual and practical learning is my prefered method. You … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Learning Style