Monochrome Bridge

I saw this freeway bridge when I walked near the Trave River. Something was interesting about this bridge, I liked discolorations on the metal, the rust and the moisture on the material. I took quite a lot of photos from the distance and then close-up shots like the image above. I had no idea how I would take photos when I was almost under the bridge but I did try to play with perspectives and thought I could decide at home. The photo above had the most interesting perspective in my opinion. I have now much more details in the … Continue reading Monochrome Bridge

Supply For Shyna – A Bad Photo Improved

If you have Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, I highly suggest that you don´t delete any photo just because it looks bad. Often you can really make something out of it. This article here is basically written to make some notes for myself but also for people who are into Photoshop and Lightroom and want to read about possible techniques or who want to get inspired by my workflow. For all others it might not be easy to read. The image above is the result after working on the very bad quality original image that I took of my cat … Continue reading Supply For Shyna – A Bad Photo Improved