Lübeck in Black and White

Here is an older photo. I shot this photo of Lübeck in 2013 with my Sony Xperia P phone. Honestly, the colored photo looked dull and I decided to try different black and white settings. I like this a lot in black and white. As I mentioned quite often in the past, I also like to upload my older photos that I shot with phones or point-and-shoot cameras because they’re not exactly bad. I want to have a place for them too and don’t like it if I don’t make use of them. So, that’s why I share older photos … Continue reading Lübeck in Black and White

Lübeck In The Evening

Ok, I finally did it. Today I wondered again why I purchases a quite decent tripod back then, when I never really used it. I got headache inside because of the heating air in my apartment, the best way to get ill, and thought it would be better to get out there to take a deep breath of fresh autumn air. I just didn’t know what I could do outside, and as said, my tripod came into my mind. I thought I should finally go out there to try night photography with my tripod. It was a bit wet outside, … Continue reading Lübeck In The Evening