Lübeck In The Evening


Ok, I finally did it. Today I wondered again why I purchases a quite decent tripod back then, when I never really used it. I got headache inside because of the heating air in my apartment, the best way to get ill, and thought it would be better to get out there to take a deep breath of fresh autumn air. I just didn’t know what I could do outside, and as said, my tripod came into my mind. I thought I should finally go out there to try night photography with my tripod.

It was a bit wet outside, mainly because the snow fully melted, and it drizzled outside. But I thought this would make the photos maybe even better as the lights would be reflected well, but that was just my theory. I shot several photos, definitely not as much as if I would go outside during daytime, but I shot a few. I still think it’s more complicated, not technically, because that’s just setting the camera manually to 30 seconds exposure, but it’s complicated as you are less mobile with the tripod, or in other words less flexible. Focussing can be a bit tricky too, but focussing on lights worked well. The Manfrotto quick release plate worked well, it’s really a cool gadget to have attached to the camera, because then you can attach the camera to the tripod ball head in no time.

I went to the Malerwinkel in Lübeck, and the name of the place means literally translated something like “The painters angle”. You might understand now why people call it that way, because it’s a good angle to paint the city, or more modern these days, to take photos too. One of my great-uncles was a very good painter, he painted with all kind of techniques and colours, he visited the Malerwinkel a few times to paint pictures of the city, until he moved on to other angles or subjects. He died a decade ago or so because of a heart attack, that was sad, and I believe today I could have learned so much about composition from him. Several family members do still have some of his paintings, I should show you some day, because he was a true artist and I like his paintings.

I hope you like my night photography try, I don’t go out often with a tripod, but the results can be very interesting. If it just would be easier to motivate myself to go out with additional equipment and weight, I would do this more often.

10 thoughts on “Lübeck In The Evening

  1. I went to Lubeck once and got pleasantly surprised, it is such a peculiar city 🙂 plus, is the city of Thomas Mann, one of my favorite writers 🙂 PedroL

    1. The inner district or as we say, the historical district, is indeed very interesting because there is so much to learn about history and the gothic brick stone architecture is beautiful. But I think the outer districts are not so interesting, just usual districts. But around Lübeck there are some really beautiful rural areas and a bit of beautiful nature. I am glad you enjoyed your stay, and I hope you checked out Travemünde and the Baltic Sea too, because that’s very special about our place too 🙂 I love the Baltic Sea!

  2. I have a tripod I never use too. I wish I could say you have inspired me to use it. You HAVE inspired me, but tripods akways make me feel tethered, tied to the ground. I think I’m too old to change my style, but you never know. We have a supermoon on Monday. Maybe that would be a good time to give it one more try 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yes, I feel the same. While I liked some of the photos that I shot that evening, it was not motivating to go out the next evening again. I probably will never be a fan of using a tripod, but I will maybe try to convince me to go out with it once in a few months. To me, using a tripod feels more like being an anti air defence soldier (laugh), and people really look at you as if this is what you are up to. I am always happy when they spotted my camera, because then they get what I am doing there. That sounds interesting with the moon, but with my 300mm lens I will still need to crop a moon image, but I might take a look. 🙂

    2. Remembering your comment, I went outside yesterday to take moon photos. Sadly we had so much clouds that I couldn’t even spot the moon. Wrong place 😀

  3. I like the reflections in this photo Dennis. Night photography is interesting to do but I’m another one who is not really a fan of tripods. I can’t really get comfortable using one and I dislike carrying a lot of gear when I’m taking pictures. I wonder if a monopod would be a better solution?

    1. Yep, exactly, tripods are very annoying. I would feel more comfy with a monopod, I don’t own one yet, but I believe it won’t help for night photography. The image in this post is a long exposure shot, with 30 seconds shutter speed, small movements would have destroyed the image. I used a 5 second timer before the shot, so that there are no camera or tripod movements when I touch the camera, and then I waited another 30 seconds to get the picture. For this a monopod won’t work I guess, but still I would like to try one in the future for other things.

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