Cobblestone Street in Lübeck


Here is a photo that I shot some weeks ago when I also took the other street photo and another nice photo of Lübeck. The photo I show you in my current post was shot with 30 seconds shutter speed with a tripod. We have some interesting narrow alleys in Lübeck. I have some similar photos that I didn’t upload yet, but as always I will do this over time.

7 thoughts on “Cobblestone Street in Lübeck

    1. I remember that you mentioned it in a previous comment. I am glad you liked the city and I hope you will get another chance. We sadly get more and more construction zones, but I understand that we need to preserve the old buildings so that many more people can see them in the future 🙂

  1. Great shot! Such a good quality. It’s sharp and i don’t see any noise. Well done! I was in Lübeck for a photowalk once, but it wasn’t a successful day for me. Lübeck somehow didn’t work for me. Maybe i should give it another try.

    1. The RAW file was quite underexposed, but that’s why RAW is so cool, it was easy to fix it.

      As someone born in Lübeck, I sometimes think that the city is quite boring. Not all places look great, it’s more that you have to search for interesting things after you took photos of the most apparent buildings like the Holsten Gate and so. The historical district has some interesting alleys, and we have other old buildings as you know. Along the Trave River it’s often interesting too, as same as the hiking trails along the Elbe–Lübeck Canal. Travemünde is nice too. Then we have a bit of nature around the city, there is for example the nature reserve called “Schellbruch”, great for bird photography as it is a spot where birds migrade. Currently it gets difficult to take architecture photos in Lübeck, they constantly work on buildings to preserve them, which is of course important. Next, and depending on how citizens vote, they might refurbish the whole “Untertrave” street. The people in Lübeck think the city is a construction site and will stay a construction site for decades (laugh). But what is worse, is that they create modern architecture or sourroundings near historical buildings….

      Summarized, I am in a hate-love with Lübeck. The city bores me to a degree, but it also inspires me to find the beauty in the city. But that’s probably how it is with the own city, if you see things everyday it’s not special anymore. I spoke with tourists, in summer we have a lot of them, and they are always amazed. I think the brick stone gothic architecture is as interesting for them, as I find the asian architecture with round roofs a lot more beautiful compared to our own architecture. Things from strange places are more interesting 🙂

        1. Good point, if weather is good there is a lot going on in the city and with the narrow streets it’s indeed difficult to take “clean” pictures then. It’s probably better if you have some free days in the week and if you come in the morning, or at times when most people still work, the chance is then higher that the streets might be almost empty, but also not always guaranteed. Summer is generally problematic, looks like our tourism marketing works way too good lol. Sometimes I go in the city to take pictures and face the same problem, other days I went there and had more luck.

          I had to google “Stülper Huk” and that blows my mind. How did I never put this on my radar? It’s funny, I don’t even know everything around my city 😀 The “Stülper Huk” looks beautiful but I believe I’ve never been there. But on Google Maps I see there is also the “Dummersdorfer Ufer” close to it and I think I was at least there once as a child. I never learn out, it’s like with the “Schellbruch”, I discovered the place just two years ago even if I live here for so long. Back then my family was always doing camping in Salem/Ratzeburg, maybe I got an overdose of nature there, so that I didn’t care about the places around my city. Or it’s that I started to open my eyes more for the nature since I started with photography. The “Stülper Huk” Google pictures look a bit like a mix of Schottland and Travemünde Brodtener Ufer, very beautiful 😀

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