Experimental Harbor Photo

Above you can see an experimental photo I shot at the harbor area in Lübeck. It is sometimes interesting to try things out, and I think I wanted to use the reflection of the window. You see an old storehouse that is now used for festivities, and in the reflection of the window you see the harbor and Trave River. In my opinion this image worked quite well in black and white so that I applied this to the image. Continue reading Experimental Harbor Photo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge has the motto curve. Recently we had a lot of rainy days and that means I didn’t take a lot of new photos, but since I have a huge backlog of non-uploaded photos, I can still contribute to the challenge. The photo in this post was shot when I visited Bad Oldesloe, they have a lot of curved footbridges so that the Trave River can be crossed. By the way, you can find the same bridge in the photo in another post I uploaded some time ago. The currently uploaded photo was taken at the … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

Schellbruch In Grayscale

I didn’t like how the image above turned out, because the photo looked very bleached and I changed it to grayscale to make it look better. The image had so much whites and it was even hard to fix it with Lightroom. Sometimes, when images are too white, with too much reflections or if the image is somewhat overexposed or if it looks too bleached, changing it to grayscale or black and white might be an option. I think the result is acceptable anyhow. I shot the photo at the Schellbruch, I haven’t uploaded all the images from there yet. Continue reading Schellbruch In Grayscale

Experimental Kitty Photo In Black And White

This is a photo of Shyna that I shot in the first weeks after purchasing the D7100. I did all kind of test or experimental shots to get used to the camera. The photo was not that good with colours and decided to change the image to black and white. I couldn’t remove the distracting highlights or overexposed areas on the fur, that’s the point when I usually try out black and white and it often works well. It’s not that black and white does remove highlights or overexposed areas, it’s just less noticeable once you apply black and white … Continue reading Experimental Kitty Photo In Black And White

Monochrome Bridge

I saw this freeway bridge when I walked near the Trave River. Something was interesting about this bridge, I liked discolorations on the metal, the rust and the moisture on the material. I took quite a lot of photos from the distance and then close-up shots like the image above. I had no idea how I would take photos when I was almost under the bridge but I did try to play with perspectives and thought I could decide at home. The photo above had the most interesting perspective in my opinion. I have now much more details in the … Continue reading Monochrome Bridge

Black And White Cat Image

I was a little bit bored and decided to take one of Shyna’s photos to edit the image with Photoshop and Lightroom. Above you can see the results after editing. I decided to go for black and white style. Below you can see how the image looked like before editing… It’s really fun to experiment with photos. Sometimes you can get some cool results out of pictures. I like how you can go crazy and change whatever you like. I love it. Continue reading Black And White Cat Image