Experimental Harbor Photo

Lübeck Harbor Area

Above you can see an experimental photo I shot at the harbor area in Lübeck. It is sometimes interesting to try things out, and I think I wanted to use the reflection of the window. You see an old storehouse that is now used for festivities, and in the reflection of the window you see the harbor and Trave River. In my opinion this image worked quite well in black and white so that I applied this to the image.

5 thoughts on “Experimental Harbor Photo

    1. I believe I am a bit OCD when it comes to photography… 😀 I always try to frame things so that everything is aligned well. For example, I don’t like it if there is just a half tree in the image, or as in the case above… when you see one crane in the middle of the first window frame, I don’t want to cut the other one in half, so that I really take care that it’s in a window frame too 😀

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