Black and White Mouse

I wrote a lot about my other field of interest the past days. Games! However, I do think it is time for a new photo as my blog is also the place where I do upload interesting own photos. Above you can see one of the mouses of my half brother. It´s a cute black and white mouse. It´s a lot of fun to watch mouses while exploring their terrarium. I thought I need some more mouse photos for my animal photo category. I still have some other mouse photos, which I will upload anytime soon. Continue reading Black and White Mouse

This Mouse does explore the Flower Pot

My half-brother does have mouse’s and sometimes he lets them out on the balcony. He did take some photos to send me those. Pretty great if the family provides some interesting photos as well. The photos above are definitely worth to put in my animal category here on the blog. I just can say that it is absolutely funny to watch mouse’s while they are exploring the area around them. Continue reading This Mouse does explore the Flower Pot

What Cats do in the Night

The Husband of my Mother is Groundskeeper and Security for a Property Area at the same Time. That does mean he also has a connection to a Server or let me say Cameras on the Propertys. So he can monitor from Home as well whats happening there and thats what he is doing Time by Time but not the whole Day. However.. he found this Cat on the Screen and he told me the Cat was hunting for Food. He thought the Cat was on her daily Routine to hunt some Mouses and that seems to be true 🙂 I … Continue reading What Cats do in the Night