Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Mouse running on the green carpet

I wanted to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge: One and I think this cute mouse image fits. It´s the mouse of my half-brother. He did let the mouse run over a green carpet and then he took this image and send it to me via WhatsApp to publish it on my blog. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

    1. I like the fact that his mouse has exactly the same fur colours like my cat lol. 😀 Too sad that it is not possible to make an image with both together on the photo. That would be funny and cute but anyway it´s not a good idea to put a mouse in front of a cat, so that I am not interested to do it. 😀

        1. That would be very cute. 😀 Maybe I will try this some day. I still could use a leash for my cat, just to be careful when I would introduce them the first time. That´s the way I still could react. 🙂

        2. That’s a good idea…..Also I was thinking since they are both domesticated animals you might have a really good chance of this working in a positive direction for you….but still be careful..:)

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