Tension In The Neck

That feeling when you can’t turn your head to one side anymore. It seems I have a tension in the neck. I had this a few times in my life, I guess we all had this at least once in our life? I still can remember the last time I had that, it was quite annoying. Now I have it again and it happened when I looked behind me, it seems I twisted a muscle or nerve while doing this. You know when you get old, ok now I am kidding because once I had a tension in the neck … Continue reading Tension In The Neck

I Visited The Music Store

Today I visited one of the music stores in my city to buy guitar strings for one of my acoustic guitar that I wanted to set up to give the guitar my little cousin. Grandpa called me yesterday by phone to tell me that she is either interested to learn playing keyboard and piano or guitar but she isnĀ“t sure. He asked me if we could check out with one of my acoustic guitars if she can build up interest. I said that this is a cool idea and did clean one of my acoustic guitars but now I needed … Continue reading I Visited The Music Store