The Neck of The Guild Bluesbird (Newark St. Collection) Guitar

The Guild Bluesbird Neck

I got already asked a few times on social media how the neck of the Guild Bluesbird (Newark St. Collection) looks and feels like. I don’t have a measuring tape at home, and saying it’s thick or thing is really a matter of definition because every player has a different opinion or experience of what is thin or thick. But when I look for guitars in the web, I sometimes wish too that there would be more close-up photos of certain areas, especially pictures of the neck from the side. So, I thought I could at least do this with my Bluesbird, and maybe it helps someone else to decide for or against the guitar. But now let’s take a look…

The Guild Bluesbird Neck From The Side

Slightly Rounded Fretboard Profile Visible

Last Words

I hope these photos might help someone during research. If I find a measuring tape, I might create a post with measuring numbers, or I might add the numbers to this post. Earlier I wrote about how I fell in love with the Guild Bluesbird, even if it took some time. There is also a section on my blog where you might find more posts about the Guild Bluesbird in the future if I write about it again. I played already a lot on the Bluesbird, but so far I just recorded one video because I am a lazy video editor. Maybe you can use some of the information’s, because I know how fun the researching process is before you actually purchase a guitar.

Good luck! If it’s the Bluesbird or not, I hope your next new guitar will bring you a lot of joy!

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