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Light’s Hope – Vanilla World of Warcraft

WoW Vanilla Screenshot - Forest of Elwynn

If you can’t await the official Blizzard vanilla realms, there is a way to enjoy vanilla World of Warcraft right now. There are different private servers that run the vanilla version of World of Warcraft and I tested a few over the last months. But currently I do really like the Light’s Hope private server because there is a lot of activity even in the low-level areas.

I am usually a Horde player but back in the classic World of Warcraft days, we actually started out on the Alliance side until we switched to the Horde. Weeks ago I became a bit nostalgic and wanted to visit the Alliance level areas again, like the Forest of Elwynn or Westfall and so on. So, I started on Light’s Hope and the Lightbringer realm is really good in my opinion.

Reason is, the community is very friendly and strangers send you invited to do quests together, and they are very communicative. But of course, this might also be the case because in vanilla you have to team up to actually enjoy the game. That’s the whole point! Anyway, I wanted to suggest this server if you’re like me and if you want to enjoy vanilla WoW before Blizzard finished their official vanilla realms. Nobody knows when that happens, that means if you can’t await it, private servers are an option.

But Light’s Hope is one that I would currently suggest. But keep it slow, you don’t want to get a burn out before Blizzard releases their own servers. Also remember, private servers can go offline at any time for whatever reason. Always keep this in mind! I just keep it slow on these servers.


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