White Paws And Claws

Above you can see again a photo of Shyna´s paws and her claws. I think I made paws and claws already several times to the subject in my blog. I like the contrast because paws are cute but claws look quite dangerous. I like to collect photos of paws and claws and I also want to use this article here to highlight my old article where I mentioned that I do think that it is cruel to declaw a cat. Continue reading White Paws And Claws

Handshake Kitty

The image above is some months old and in bad quality but it shows how Shyna gives me a handshake. This is just another trick I tought her. I usually say “Give me five” in German, while showing my hand vertical near her paws, and then she does give me her paws. She also knows how to give paw in another variant but then I show my flat opened hand horizontal. It works in different ways too as you can see on the image. It´s pretty cute. It´s some time ago when I taught her how to do this but … Continue reading Handshake Kitty

Shyna cleans her paws…

I took this photo after bathe my cat Shyna. She does not like that and we don´t do that often but sometimes it must be. I mean she is a house cat and anyway not dirty but now and then, a bath must be. I bathe her once in a month or two. She looks funny if she jumps out of the bath. But I dried her already before I took the photo above. I will take a photo when she looks funny, next time if I bathe her. On the photo above you just can see that she still … Continue reading Shyna cleans her paws…

My Cat on my Knees :)

My Cat chills on my Knees. Dont worry… even if yu see her Paws and Claws. My Jeans is in it´s original condition 😀 I bought the Jeans in this cool ragged Style. It was not my Cat! 🙂 I made the Photos when me and my Cat did chill in the Morning. The first Blogpost and Photos were made with the Front-Camera of my Smartphone but I decided to use the better Camera of the Phone in this Blogpost. Continue reading My Cat on my Knees 🙂