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Tag: paws

White Paws And Claws

Above you can see again a photo of Shyna´s paws and her claws. I think I made paws and claws already several times to the subject in my blog. I […]

White Paw

I shot two close-up photos of Shyna´s paws. I am not sure but this happens if I am out of ideas or if I experiment with my digital camera. Anyway, […]

Handshake Kitty

The image above is some months old and in bad quality but it shows how Shyna gives me a handshake. This is just another trick I tought her. I usually […]

Shyna cleans her paws…

I took this photo after bathe my cat Shyna. She does not like that and we don´t do that often but sometimes it must be. I mean she is a […]