Another Cat Paw And Claw Photo

Cat Paw And Claw

I thought I upload another photo for my cat paws and claws photo series. Above you can see a close-up shot that I took with my point and shoot camera when Shyna did scratch on a cardboard box.


4 thoughts on “Another Cat Paw And Claw Photo

    1. To be honest, I dislike the idea to declaw or trim cat claws. But that is just my personal mindset about this topic. 😀 I have had several scratches when I played with my cats but these are minor injuries and it doesn’t happen often as she knows that she can hurt someone with her claws. I think cats are very careful. If something happened, it was not a deep wound, rather some superficial scratches. 🙂

      1. Hey, would NEVER suggest declawing. That’d be awful. But trimming claws, yeah, it’s a personal choice. Luna doesn’t use her claws at all when she’s angry. As you can see in the post, here , she bats away without malicious intent. Lots of hissing. She does bite a lot, but mainly her owners out of affection. Hence the blog name. I wouldn’t trim Luna’s claws if not for her loving to knead skin, and also to preserve the furniture. She doesn’t mind it too much when she’s sleepy.

      2. Agree there is a big difference between declawing and trimming. I think too that declawing is cruel but I understand if people trim the claws. It might also depend on the cat. My cat Shyna doesn’t like to mess around with furniture which makes it much easier to say that I don’t need to trim her claws. By the way, your cat Luna is adorable and I saw one of your photo stories. Pretty funny! I follow you to get future updates about your stories 🙂 I hope you have a nice weekend Scott.

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