Squirrel On A Tree Branch

Here is another photo I took two weeks ago or so. I think the photo is good enough to upload it but overall I am not satisfied with the quality. The squirrel was too far away and I had to crop the photo to get closer to the squirrel. Cropping does often work very well but I think the image in this post is a little too noisy. I tried to reduce noise with Lightroom but then it looked too blurred. However, it’s not too bad, you can at least see the squirrel very well. Continue reading Squirrel On A Tree Branch

Squirrels, Masters of Balance

With this post I want to show you some other photos of the same squirrel I uploaded some days ago. I prefer to upload the most funny photos of a set later, so, with this post you see the last photos of that squirrel. In the other post the squirrel was on the ground, but some seconds later it jumped on a fence and I had to react immediately. Although I discovered already many advanced settings of my D7100, situations come up where you don’t have time to adjust anything. At some point I will probably learn to do this … Continue reading Squirrels, Masters of Balance