Squirrel Photo

Black and White Squirrel Photo

Today I heard something up in the trees and knew it must be a squirrel. I found out where it was and took the photo, which wasn’t easy now as we are in the low light season. It’s not the greatest of my squirrel photos. There is for example this photo that I shot two months ago and I like that one much more. But hey, I still like to go outside in autumn or winter because it’s not just about the photos but about doing anything productive and keep myself busy. Here is the colored version of the picture at the top…

Winter Squirrel Photo


7 thoughts on “Squirrel Photo

    1. Yes. And now with the darker season, it is even more difficult to take photos of them. The colors are dull when it’s darker, which is why I prefer it to convert the images to black and white right away.

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