Talkative Cat

Talkative Cat

Just 3 days ago I saw the cat in the photo at the top. It sat in a garden but quickly jumped over the garden gate and approached me. The cat wasn’t shy at all and very talkative. As you can see in the photo at the top, I was lucky and could capture the moment when the cat talked to me. That was so cute but that wasn’t all. The cat wanted to follow me and I didn’t like that because I wanted to leave the garden area and there would be streets on my way back home. I managed it to leave the cat behind me by moving quicker. The cat stopped on the garden alley and seemed to be disappointed. I wondered if the cat was hungry or if it really liked me that much (lol). It’s getting colder and I will bring some cat food with me on my next hikes as these stray cats in the gardens will have more difficulties to find food the colder it gets. It might also be that this cat has just recently gone astray. I’ve never seen such a trustful cat in the gardens, they’re usually very shy. Here are some other pictures but I also have some more that I will use in future posts…


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