Beautiful Cat

beautiful white cat

Here is a cat that is neither completely white nor does it have a typical calico coat.  I’m not sure if the cat coat could be still called calico in this case, what do you think? I am just sure about one thing, it’s a very beautiful cat. In the past I uploaded two other photos of the same cat here and here to my cat photo collection.


7 thoughts on “Beautiful Cat

  1. I know cats with pigmentation on the head and tail only are called “the van pattern”. It’s seen in the Turkish Van breed and occasionally in random bred cats. I don’t know how the description of the specific colors and patterns would fit into that, though.

    1. Wow. You’re right… I googled for images with the search query “the van pattern” and there are lots of cats with similar-looking fur then. I will add this to the tags so when I photograph similar looking cats, I have it all sorted. Learned a lot from other bloggers.. back then I didn’t even know what tuxedo, calico or bicolor fur would mean as I didn’t know the vocabulary until someone told me. You helped me too now because I am always curious how certain fur patterns would be called in English. 🙂 And I like the van pattern.

    1. Yes, this cat was less shy than others. It actually followed me for a while and made miaow miaow as you can see in the following picture below… I thought the cat liked me… 😀

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