Close-Up Plant Photo

Here is a plant photo that I shot by the end of summer in a local school garden. The original photo was really bad, with extreme highlights, but then I noticed that the plant was not too much overexposed, only the rest of the image. I cropped the plant out, got closer on that way, and decreased the exposure a little bit for correction. Even that close, I was happy to see that the plant was just a little blurry, and that I could fix this with sharpening and a little amount of clarity. I like the result, except that … Continue reading Close-Up Plant Photo

Poisonous But Beautiful Plant

I shot the photo of this post a month ago in one of our local botanical gardens, the plant appeared strange but beautiful. I didn’t note the name so that I had to research today at home, and I do think this plant might be called White Baneberry (Actaea pachypoda). The plant is very poisonous according to several articles I have found, and you shouldn’t eat the berries because only a few of them can already make you seriously ill, and more can cause death. So, don’t eat, just examine the beauty. Anyway, it’s a beautiful plant, isn’t it? Continue reading Poisonous But Beautiful Plant

Beautiful Plant In The Forest

I saw the plant above in a small forest during my hike through the Schellbruch. I am not sure what kind of wild plant it is, I just thought it is a very beautiful plant. Apart from the plant, I do also like the depth of field and bokeh in the photo, I really like the result. Although it’s not working in every situation with my Nikon 18-105mm kit lens, I am happy that I learned how to get this kind of effect in some situations. If there is enough distance between the main subject and the stuff in the … Continue reading Beautiful Plant In The Forest

Beautiful Plant

Still fighting with the amount of photos I took over the years. Above you can see one photo I took last year. I saw this plant in a garden and took a photo. I like how the flower of the plant looks like. Especially the green pattern on the white leave. That looks cool anyhow. However, I did cheat a little bit and darkened all shadow areas even further to get the flower into focus, and I did push the green colours a lot with Lightroom. As this is a digital camera photo, I also had to reduce some noise … Continue reading Beautiful Plant