Late Summer Barbecue

Today it was family time again. We planned a barbecue in the garden again and this time we were quite a lot of people. It was a barbecue for ten people. I like this, especially when there are also family members that I don’t see that often. We had good chats as always and the food was super delicious too, but you wouldn’t expect something else when you hear about barbecue. My grand cousin has a new boyfriend, and he was a guest too. I liked to chat with him, he seems to be a nice guy. I really hope … Continue reading Late Summer Barbecue

Initial Cat Domestication Possibly Begun In China Rather Than In Egypt

Today cats are very common and popular pets but this leads also to the interesting question when the relationship between cats and humans started. Then there is the term domestication which means the further consolidation of the relationship in form of a close life together which we would call “keeping animals” or “keeping pets” today. The question when the relationship or even the further domestication of cats started is an interesting issue. Scientists try to answer this question since a long time but it is not easy as ancient cat remains are rare discoveries in archaeological sites. The last scientific … Continue reading Initial Cat Domestication Possibly Begun In China Rather Than In Egypt

Golden Wedding… almost inpossible today?

I have a Topic here I wanted to write about but I was to lazy last days. But I come up with it today. Last weekend me, the whole Family and Friends of my Grandma and Grandpa were invited to the Celebration of ther Golden Wedding. In Germany we call it “Goldene Hochzeit” and it is the Celebration of being married since 50 Years. I just explain because I wasn´t sure if you call it like above and if it is the same there. However. We all did meet up in a Restaurant near a little Sea in the Nature. … Continue reading Golden Wedding… almost inpossible today?