Bird On The Roof

I saw this bird on my hiking tour through our city when I was trying to find interesting things to photograph. You really get more attentive if you go out often with you camera, I just start to notice more little details. I maybe would not have noticed the bird on the roof but I do now check out everything around me more thorough I think. I think this is a common blackbird, doing a break on the roof. I couldn’t get very close to the bird while zooming in, but today I noticed at home that this is again … Continue reading Bird On The Roof

A House with a thatched roof on the Baltic Coast

This is one of those typical Houses with a thatched roof you can find often near the Baltic Sea but also near the North Sea in North Germany. But thatched roofs are indeed know and created in other Countrys as well. Thatched roofs have a long History. There is an interesting Article about Thatching on Wikipedia if you want to find out more about Thatching. We made this Photo on our spontaneous Trip to Baltic Sea. Continue reading A House with a thatched roof on the Baltic Coast