Bird On The Roof

Bird on the roof

I saw this bird on my hiking tour through our city when I was trying to find interesting things to photograph. You really get more attentive if you go out often with you camera, I just start to notice more little details. I maybe would not have noticed the bird on the roof but I do now check out everything around me more thorough I think. I think this is a common blackbird, doing a break on the roof.

I couldn’t get very close to the bird while zooming in, but today I noticed at home that this is again another image where cropping was working well without getting a pixel mess as result. However, I had to reduce noise while editing the photo and that blurred the image a little bit. I added some sharpness but I wouldn’t say it’s a sharp photo, but I do like the result anyway. The following photo is the original before cropping…

Bird on the roof - original

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