Interesting Video About Then And Now Photography

It’s a while ago when I shot a photo of the old market in my town and compared it with a very old public domain photo. You can call this then and now photography and I think it’s very interesting.

However, I forgot about it for a while but today I found a video on YouTube that reminded me to do this again anytime in the future. I know some sources where I can find all kind of old public domain images of my town. At least one thing is easy about this kind of photography because if you find very old photos of your town, they are in many cases already public domain (copyright can expire after many years) and that means you can even upload them for a comparison to your blog.

If I do then and now photography more often in the future, it might happen that I write about this in more detail. But this post here is not about my experience because I shot only one comparison photo and need to collect more experience. I just write about it again as I was reminded by the video on YouTube that I should not forget about it, because I like the idea of comparing old and new photos.

But now about the video I found. I follow all kind of photography related channels on YouTube. One of my favorite channels is DigitalRev TV because their videos don’t come with pure facts, they are also entertaining and humorous but still related to photography. I will embed the video I talked about below, but I can suggest you to check out their other videos as well.

The guy in the video is called Kai Wong, I think you can find him in all of their videos. He is often criticized for his dry sense of humor in the YouTube comment section. I don’t understand that because I like his sense of humor, everyone has a different sense for humor. There are channels on YouTube that only teach you facts and they are great too, but DigitalRev seems to have a concept to mix facts with entertainment and documentary. I’d suggest to check it out.

7 thoughts on “Interesting Video About Then And Now Photography

    1. I subscribed to their channel a long time ago, it’s cool if you want some entertainment related to photography, I often watch their videos in the evening to chill out and when I don’t want to see pure videos with theory only. 🙂 I am glad you like the video, you might find other interesting ones on their channel too 🙂

      1. Thank you for your prompt reply.
        My English is a bit scarce :). I am Italian and follow your blog because that cat remeber me a cat, Cleopatra. She passed some years with me. She was so amazing that I can not forget her.

      2. Oh! Italia! I wish I could speak Italian. I have never been there but I eat Italian food three times a week 🙂

        You mean my cat looks similar to the cat you had? Hai avuto un gatto, un gatto simile? It’s sad that you cat passed away 😦 But you have good memories of the time with your cat.

  1. That was an excellent video Dennis, thanks for the share. It was fun for me because I have been to Hong Kong although most of the places there I didn’t recognise as it’s been 25 years. I have been on the Star Ferry though. It’s an interesting project, the old and new photos. I especially like the way he Photoshopped them together. Very clever. It would be an extremely difficult place to do such a project. I wouldn’t want to stand in the middle of the road like he did! I agree too that the humour makes it much more interesting.

    1. Wow, I bet you enjoyed the impressions in Hong Kong. I wish I could see Hong Kong once in my live but it’s so far away and then so expansive to get there from Germany I think. I find a lot of Asian places very interesting, I like their architecture especially the old ones with the curved roofs and so.

      Next time I try now and then photography I might try his way too… I usually prefer to have separate photos but in this case it’s actually a good idea to get the old and new photo shopped into one image.

      Yes, the city seems busy and it looks as if it’s quite hard to do photography in a big city like that one. I saw him doing this quite often and I always hope he is careful enough 😀

      Sometimes I search for pure facts and then these videos are not perfect, there are other channels with pure facts. But when I want to relax in the evening and hear someone talk about photography projects, facts and sidestories in general with some jokes, I really love the DigitalRev stuff. It’s like watching documentary about something I like 🙂

      I am glad you enjoyed the video too and that it reminded you to your past trip to Hong Kong.

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